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fabric pattern identification

The drybrush pattern looks like it was created with a painter’s brush that had only a small amount of paint on it providing a scratchy, textured look. A woven textile art with hidden warp (vertical) threads and visible colored weft (horizontal) threads usually depicting a floral design, geometric pattern, or historic or other pictorial motif. It's often made with luxury materials like silk. The shepherd checks patterns uses small even checks of contrasting color, usually black and white. A digital pattern is a pattern made with computer-generated elements. Use chintz in a traditional room, or to add a fun touch of vintage style to any decorating theme. It is one of three fundamental types of textile weaves along with plain weave and satin.It is made by passing the weft thread over one or more warp threads then under two or more warp threads and so on, with a "step," or offset, between rows to create the characteristic diagonal pattern. Looking somewhat like a fish's skeleton, herringbone is similar to chevron but differentiated by the breaks between the zigs and the zags. A Tracery pattern looks like interlacing stone, wood, or iron poles that hold glass in a Gothic window. Generally, houndstooth is black and white or another combination of neutral colors. A Undirectional pattern is a pattern that looks the same from any direction. Trellis patterns of all types make great accent elements like cozy throws or curtains. A natural or naturalistic pattern features natural motifs such as waves, trees, mountains. usually using green and red colors. A frieze pattern is a pattern that repeats in a single direction such as a stranded rope or elongated vine. Fabric pattern identification. Jacquard (pronounced "ja-kard") is an umbrella term for fabrics woven on a Jacquard loom, which was invented by Joseph Jacquard and first used in 1801. A metallese pattern is a pattern that looks like a stitched quilt – it either appears quilted or padded. A basket weave pattern features a design that looks like a woven basket. Also called Ditsies, ditzy, or ditsie, the ditsy pattern is an allover pattern of small print of spots, circles, zigzags or other elements that looks random. A hairline stripe pattern uses extremely thin stripes, about the width of a human hair. Fabric Patterns Quiz There are ten sample fabric patterns shown-can you name the pattern? Today tartan refers to a type of plaid pattern. Cognex – Fabric Pattern Inspection. She's a self-taught decor expert who contributes to several publications. A Christmas pattern describes a variety of patterns based on a Christmas theme such as stars, reindeer, holly, etc. The pieces are typically roughly square but may be distorted or warped squares or rectangles or other shapes entirely. It is made up of different check patterns. Also known as Spot Repeat, the Sateen repeat pattern features motifs arranged on a grid so that each grid space contains only a single instance of the motif (although the motifs may be turned in different directions). Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Design patterns for microservices. You can trim the blocks to be the same size if you need. The pattern looks somewhat like a series of four-leaf clover motifs (the word “quatrefoil means “four leaves”). Dec 25, 2018 - Explore Evelyn Ochoa's board "TEA CUP PATTERNS", followed by 163 people on Pinterest. It originated from motifs identifying Scottish estates. The coin dot pattern is a polka dot pattern that uses very large dots (like coins). This country classic shows off white plus another color that's woven into a checkerboard pattern. Harlequin can be very colorful, or a simple design of white plus another color. Patterns are a repeating of an element or motif used to create a unique decoration on fabrics. An ogee pattern contains ogees creating a somewhat onion-shaped motif. A digital pattern is a pattern made with computer-generated elements. There's a definite retro appeal to flame stitch design—it was very popular in the 1970s. The foulard pattern is a basic block repeat pattern on a small scale. On this page you can preview all the textile surface designs collections and filter them by prints, plaids, stripes, and texture categories. It's a great pattern for contemporary rooms. The pattern was created (and names after) by Liberty & Co (London). An oriental pattern is an Intricate pattern, typically a medallion, from Indian culture. Ethnic patterns are representative or common to a culture. 1, Yoo-Kang Ji. Geometric patterns can be further categorized as abstract patterns, a pattern of (repeated shapes and sizes with no relationship to natural objects. My wife has been all over looking for a certain fabric pattern and ended up finding this pattern at a discount fabric shop. Also called a counterchange pattern, the two-color symmetries pattern is a pattern with motif and background reversed in another part of the design. They often include ribbons and other decorations. Typically, damask fabric has a sheen, and it adds an expensive-looking touch to a room. Prepare for this lesson by having 1 " pieces of the following fabrics: woven, knit, corduroy, selvage edge, right side/wrong side of fabric. Pop art patterns are patterns of graphic images of everyday objects typical of the time period. Posted by 7 years ago. dogs, cats, hamsters). It is also called a fret pattern. The identification results can derive the black-white digital image and the digital matrix of the fabric weave patterns. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to receive breaking fashion news, tips on the latest trends, new product notifications, insider-only sales announcements, and more. It has a Middle Eastern vibe but has been used widely throughout the world for centuries. The stripes are wider than candy stripes but thinner than awning stripes. The estimation identifies the color and further analysis is carried out … The brick pattern uses consistent horizontal and broken vertical lines that look like bricks. Also called Regency stripes, the Bengal pattern uses strips of the same width, alternating dark and light colors. An anthemion pattern is a classical pattern that uses motifs that look like fan-shaped palm leaves. Place pattern on the fabric, and make sure the stretch line matches the stretch of the fabric. A pin dot pattern is a polka dot pattern of very small dots. Take the fabric patterns quiz and check your knowledge! We have a great selection of retro fabrics online including vintage fabric and vintage material such as vintage fabric prints and vintage upholstery fabric, perfect for quilting, apparel, crafts and home décor items. A quatrefoil pattern that looks like four similar sized partially overlapping circles. The detail of each pixel is divided to undergo block operations to obtain solid and uniform colour estimation. A pincheck pattern features intersecting pin-sized stripes that are only one or two yarns thick. This is usually a pattern formed by a special fabric weave, with 4 small diamond shapes with a dot or space in the center prints -looking like the eye of a bird. pineapples, ocean). The Bayadere pattern uses brightly colored horizontal stripes of various widths. ». Pet patterns feature pet motifs (e.g. Bird's Eye Pattern. Basketweave is a great pattern for any contemporary style. The terms tartan, plaid, and checked patterns are often used interchangeably. DOI: 10.1109/CISP-BMEI.2017.8302055 Corpus ID: 3696774. A smaller scale version of the houndstooth pattern is called puppytooth. A particular fabric may contain different types of fibers that pass through a complex production process. A popular design from 18th-century France, toile (pronounced "twall") is a monochromatic design printed on white, and depicting scenes of country life, flowers or people engaged in everyday activities. It's also typically much thinner than a chevron design. Checked designs are very versatile, but work especially well with country looks. The bull’s eye pattern consists of circles or oval shapes inside each other (concentric). They apparently received it from a different fabric store that closed and did not have the pattern information. 2 1. The Greek key pattern include Interconnected and symmetrical geometric motifs. The Moroccan trellis is distinguished by its four sides: Two are rounded and two are pointed. It's a fun pattern for a contemporary, glam, eclectic, or Parisian room. Also called Hound’s tooth pattern (houndstooth), the Dog’s tooth pattern features small jagged checks usually created by four-pointed stars. In regard to plaids, the pattern of the vertical stripe does not necessarily have to match the pattern of the horizontal stripe like the pattern of a tartan. The Dupplins check pattern is a type of District check (checks within checks) that uses alternating dark and light checks often outlines of framed within a lighter check motif. Use a tartan fabric to warm up your winter bedroom, or any time of year in a traditional or formal space. It's sometimes confused with cheetah print, which is made up of black dots, rather than the open, irregular circles found on a leopard's coat. With this pattern, movement of one motif cannot be made without impact another.

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