CNC Engineering Services


CNC Milling

Mendit Engineering offers the most accurate and intricate 3-Axis machining. This is easily achieved by utilising our advanced and top class VMC machining centres. We have also combined rotary tables to the process, thus introducing a fourth axis. This progressive service makes us the leading edge CNC Milling service provider in complex 4 axis machining.

CNC Turning

We have been in the CNC machining and general engineering industry for years and we understand that by reducing machining times, costs will be saved. We have the capacity to rapidly turn out large batches. This time saving service allows the process to take a few minutes as opposed to a few hours.

Wire Cutting (EDM)

Mendit Engineering offers the most advanced services in the industry. We are proud to have one of the fastest and most progressive wire cutters currently available on the global market. This exceptional machine has the ability to cut complex shapes and has a cutting accuracy of an astounding 0.005mm.

Precision & General Engineering

For once off production work, the workshop has been equipped with manually operated lathes, turret milling machines, surface grinders and radial arm drills that still deliver high precision work. This has been possible due to Mendit’s commitment to stay ahead of their game by employing only the highest qualified technicians, who are constantly updated with new processes and procedures.

Machine Repairs, Modification & Spares

Mendit’s principal core area of expertise is in the packaging and food industries. The particular demands of these industries are catered for by years of experience and carefully selected and calibrated machinery. The service that is offered is not only of quality precision machining, but machinery inspection for purposes of cost efficient alterations and suggestions.

Mechanical Design & Drawings

Mendit has implemented an advanced software solution for digital product definition and simulation. This software will unleash the full potential of the machinery at Mendit’s disposal, placing the firm in a position to design and produce extremely complex objects, giving a high resolution, three-dimensional view of the item prior to machining.

Subcontracting Services

In addition to our complete in house turnkey projects, Mendit Engineering also provides services that are outsourced to contracted service providers that have been selected with great deliberation ensuring that our Quality Standards and reputable turn-around times are met.

• Internal & External Cylindrical Grinding
• Hard Chrome Plating
• Metal & Ceramic Spraying
• Vertical & Horizontal Boring
• Welding, Fabrication, Bending, Laser Cutting, Electropolishing and Electrogalvanising
• Dynamic Balancing
• Gear & Spline Cutting
• Spark Eroding (EDM)
• Teflon (PTFE) coating
• Heat Treatment (Hardening, Stress Relieving etc.), Grit Blasting & Blackening